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TimeFluxTM Technology


Anywire. Anywhere.

Lightwaves' TimeFlux networking technology enables the harvesting of high speed communications from the existing wires that are everywhere. Fiber optics, the perceived solution to our broadband hunger, is expensive to deploy and justify. Wireless spectrum is poorly utilized and limited to our single atmosphere. Wires have an amazing ability to still provide Gigabit performance with our TimeFlux Technology.




Age of Perception

The Information or Digital Age is transitioning to an Age of Perception. Ubiquitous communications and access to information is commonplace. It’s time for systems to understand and answer our needs in a meaningful way. By understanding identity and location combined with highly responsive communications, systems can begin to simplify our information overloaded lives. Lightwaves’ technologies focus on the next generations of communications, location, data delivery and storage. 


Internet of Things

Lightwaves' TimeFlux enables the electrical power wires to be the “Network of Things”. The electrical wires through your home, office building, factory, car or neighborhood can be used to connect the Internet of Things. One can position low powered small cells for wireless connectivity, provide SmartGrid sensor intelligence, support streaming data all through the electrical wire.


Developing World

Many developing countries are looking for broadband solutions. Most of these countries lack the infrastructure to implement the broadband technologies that developed countries use today. Lightwaves TimeFlux provides the high performance and low interference to deploy broadband over power line (BPL) as a viable solution. Past power line technologies were plagued with interference and performance issues that are circumvented by TimeFlux.